Number 3. 

Can’t underestimate how important it is. I wasn’t able to seriously push myself to multiples til I stopped with the vibrating things. They have their place, but they also make it really hard for me to orgasm. 

Whats not included on here is finding your g-spot. I can’t speak for anyone but me, but g-spot orgasms are far easier to have back to back to back. Or alternate them.. gspot, clit, gspot, clit, etc. 

How To Have Multiple Orgasms:

1. Trust: If you know about the mind-body connection then you are probably already aware that what you think translates into a physical response. When you think about a memorable lovemaking experience, did it not leave an imprint in your body so that just the mere thought of it stirs up those ecstatic feelings in you once again? Did that experience leave you with the belief that your body has the ability to feel pleasure and bliss? Most likely it did. But suppose you don’t have the experience of having multiple orgasms. In fact, you don’t know anybody who ever has. So, then does it come down to “I have to see it/feel it to believe it”? Not really, but to have multiple orgasms, you have to be open and trusting enough of yourself to allow the new experience to come through.

2. Orgasm Control: You would think that having multiple orgasms, means more orgasms right? Not quite so. It’s quite the reverse really. When you masturbate and let yourself come, you are releasing the hormone prolactin, which is what makes us roll over and fall asleep after sex. It’s what makes us want to vegetate on the couch with munchies and movies on a Friday night, rather than mingle and go out to meet people.  Also, you’ll hear a lot of tantric practitioners talk about developing sexual control because it’s believed that when you have an orgasm, sexual energy is lost or dissipated. This doesn’t mean abstaining from sex. On the contrary, it means, have sex or masturbate, but raise your sexual energy by cycling it through your entire body, rather than seeking instant gratification through orgasms.

3. Be Vibrator Free: One of the problems with our modern society, is that our constant need for stimulation causes us to gradually grow numb to it. Then we need more and more stimulation in order for it to have any effect.  So if you’re a woman who is used to using vibrators, you might notice that the longer you use them, the longer it takes you to reach orgasm. I was one of them. At first, they were great. They could get me off in seconds, but gradually seconds became minutes, minutes became hours and eventually I just threw mine away. I’m not suggesting that you do the same. I will tell you that if you do put your vibrator away and just let your body regain it’s natural sensitivity to human touch, especially with exercises like “Awakening The Female Sensual Grid”,  you will be amazed how orgasmic you can become. Moreover, you might discover that your orgasms aren’t limited to your genitals, but that your entire body is multi-orgasmic.

4. Raise Sexual Energy: Rather than letting your sexual energy dissipate through orgasm, raise your sexual energy…over…and over…and over again. And it doesn’t mean spend the entire day in bed playing with yourself. Raising sexual energy can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Think of it is a sexual meditation. For starters, I would say practice bringing yourself to the point of orgasm and not releasing, twice a day for 3 consecutive days. On the third day, allow yourself to come and notice to what point the sensations have amplified and how much more intense your orgasms become. Be sure to follow the steps in Tantric Sex Technique #3: Cultivating Sexual Energybecause it will teach you how to draw sexual energy into your heart and through your entire body.

5. White Tiger TantraJust as Michelangelo chipped away at his marble, taking away what was not necessary to find his “David”White Tiger Tantra will peel away the layers of trapped negative emotions in our bodies, to uncover our fullest orgasmic potential. I personally don’t know of any other systems that can more rapidly take any woman who says, “I’ve never had an orgasm” and teach her how to have full body, toe-curling multiple orgasms. And, like me I discovered along the way in my training, that White Tiger Tantra brings much more to women than sexual pleasure. To me, it brought joy  where there was anger. Peace where there was stress and balance to where there was disharmony. That is the healing potential of sexual energy and I think as a society with it’s diseases of the body, mind and spirit we are in an urgent need for this kind of healing. A healing that can only come when we re-train our bodies and minds to feel blissful and orgasmic once again.

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